The Genius Allegiance is a backend API, data science and devops company based out of Louisville, KY

5727 Bay Harbor Dr. Louisville, KY 40228
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Development, Data, DevOps


Backend Development

Your mobile and web applications need a solid web service to power it. Using the industries best practices and best minds we deliver scalable, robust and mature solutions. Whether they be REST APIs or WebAssembly modules, we have the skills to get the job done.

Scale Scale

DevOp Services

Having a scalable and reliable architecture is just as important as having scalable and reliable code. Let us help you manage your cloud instances (or provide you with your own dedicated cloud), set up your continuous integration pipelines and overall handle your devops needs.

Analyze Analyze

Data Science

Maximizing data analysis is crucial to business success in today’s big data economy. The geniuses at GA will help you get the most out of your data with the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Got a project?

Whether you need a rapid prototype, a large product or staff augmentation. Let’s talk to see how The Genius Allegiance can help you.